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SunSeeker  maximizes the benefits of natural light control with motorization  of curtains and blinds. Automatic curtain and window openers can help make the home easier to live in. An automatic window opener means that you can close your windows with a remote control before you leave home.

You can also set the window opener to automatically close when it sunset and can open at sunrise. Curtains can also be automated. Ideal for home, home theatre curtains, living room , dining rooms, bedrooms, dens, office blinds and curtains, hotels, and much more.

The unit can be fitted to many new or existing casement windows. Motorized window controls make life easier. You can control hard to reach window blinds and curtains by remote control with a minimum of effort either individually or as a group. You can choose from wall mounted or hand held remote control.

You'll soon realize the benefits of motorizing your interior window coverings because you use them more often. That means more energy efficiency and better sun protection for your valuable furnishings and carpet- you gain improved control over the interior room environment.

Motorized curtain tracks offer great versatility. The available tracks can be for curtains, drapes, rollers, horizontal, vertical blinds and sky lights in multiple ways meeting any requirement. Which devices can be  fully integrated systems to such as S- Bus.



  • Simplified system components requiring minimal installation hassles.

  • Simple connectivity, programming and operation.

  • Reliable and economical automation of the windows for commercial and residential applications

  • Flexible for integration with Building and home automation systems for simple operation and energy saving features

  • Precision engineering. Approved for commercial and residential use.

  • Contact closure control for integrated systems. Requires simple modification.

  • Automatic stop open & closed positions. Can also stop at any intermediate position.